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Keynote Speakers

We are excited to announce three exceptional keynote speakers for the event.  

Dean Burnett Headshot (c) Sarah Breese_e

© Sarah Breese

Dr Dean Burnett, neuroscientist and author

Dr Dean Burnett is a neuroscientist, bestselling author, science and media pundit, sometimes comedian, and experienced psychiatry lecturer. He used to write the Guardian's most popular science blog, which led to the publication of his first book 'The Idiot Brain', which became an international success, resulting in him becoming a full time author in 2018. Following the experience of losing his father to Covid and grieving under lockdown, Dr Burnett wrote his latest book 'Emotional Ignorance', all about how emotions work in the brain and the many ways they affect us. 

Simon Oaten

Simon Oaten, CFO Advisory Lead Partner, Deloitte

Simon is the lead Partner in the Deloitte UK CFO Advisory Practice and specialises in the Travel Hospitality and Leisure sector where he brings over twenty years’ experience. Simon has worked with some of the leading players in the industry in the UK, Europe and globally, in both the private and public sector.


Juanita Marois, CEO, Métis Crossing

Juanita is a “master puzzle maker”, putting together the many pieces that people contribute to build the amazing Métis Crossing. Juanita has had amazing opportunities to work in the tourism sector as a practitioner, planner, researcher and consultant. Her experiences come from working with organizations such as Princess Tours, Northlands Park, University of Alberta, and Athabasca University where she was able to support and grow tourism and Indigenous culture. Currently, Juanita is also a board member of Travel Alberta and a member of the Native Studies Faculty Council at the University of Alberta.

Operator Forum 

The panel will share their top tips and strategies for delivering emotional experiences as well as highlight the associated commercial benefits.

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