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Market Model


Predicted footfall/attendance/occupancy.

There are many factors to consider when predicting visitor numbers for an attraction, and most are not in your control.

The potential footfall of an attraction

A Market Model will give a good indication whether an idea is viable. It will use data about competitors, size of market in terms of residents and tourists and location. The Vision

 differentiator is the value-added data that is used to calculate the real opportunity.

The Vision differentiator is data

Our Market Model takes a step beyond traditional market penetration. It delves deeper to explore the psychographics of different market segments. When this valuable information is overlaid with the attractions brand values as well as the investment per visitor, experience quality and value for money a detailed picture of what success could look like starts to emerge.


Brand values, investment, experience quality and value for money are influencing factors that are within your control, and they are crucial when looking at the potential for success.

This approach is unique to the sector and delivers a solid foundation upon which to make informed projections.

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