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Advanced Strategy and Business
Planning Workshop

Vision use a unique market leading methodology called the ‘5 Models’ to help visitor attraction operators and management teams prepare development strategies for growth; estimate and understand their market, create memorable visitor experiences and deliver viable operational plans to future-proof their business.

The content programme for a Workshop is bespoke to your business, we will work with your data and challenge your objectives. This bespoke approach allows you to test and shape new ideas or renew and refine existing strategies.

By the end of the workshop you will have a robust business plan tailored to your business, and a calculated sense of optimism and enthusiasm about the future.

5 reasons to take part in the workshop:

  1. Build a high quality strategy for your attraction

  2. Test and shape potential new ideas or renew and refine existing ones

  3. Take a deep dive into your Visitor Experience and look for ways to exceed expectations

  4. Explore the size of our market

  5. Review the pricing strategy and funding model of your attraction.

Download the full details to find out more.


“Thanks again for those three days in February. They really have helped us massively to get the project to now being extremely close to reality. It’s all very exciting and a little scary too, but the project is feeling very real now.”


Steve Micklewright, Trees for Life


The Workshop can be delivered at the Vision Strategy Suite in Wallingford, South Oxfordshire, on site at your attraction or online using TEAMS. All options have been used with great success, so the choice is yours.

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