Business Review

This year, we’ve introduced a new specialist Annual Business Review service for small and family leisure businesses, offering a number of "one day consultancy business reviews" that will enable owners to take stock of their current business situation and look ahead to where they want to take the business in the future.

As part of our business review service we undertake many functions in relation to your leisure  business this can include operational due diligence and turnaround consultancy. Based on our knowledge of  the attraction industry sector, our business reviews enable us to benchmark costs and all other key business parameters against the 140 projects we have been involved in.

Our approach in assessing a leisure business always and uniquely, uses 5 models which are: market model, experience model, business model, capital cost model and space models. Understanding the relationship between these models is always key to advising the client on the best way forward.

Our team will analyse the data and identify alternative strategies that will maximise the utilisation of your existing resources and the yield from your portfolio. Using our industry expertise, we are able  to quickly assess where a leisure business is audemars piguet replica watches performing well and where it may need a rethink.