5 Models Appraisal

We perform a complete feasibility analysis, not just a market analysis. Vision XS methodology is based on a the “5 Models Appraisal “ , a complex feasibility study including: Market Model, Business Model, Space Model, Cost Model and Experience Model

Focused exclusively on strategy, market and feasibility analysis for entertainment and cultural development projects, Vision XS works with the industry’s leading investors, institutions, developers, designers, licensors, and operators. Vision’s capabilities and services support core business planning across multiple stages of a project’s development, from concept definition and global benchmarking to market prioritization and site-specific feasibility.

5 Models

The Experience Models are used  to enable you to determine if you should take your project idea forward.
Master Plan/Space Model
• Enough space to entertain/engage/occupy everyone on site?
Business Model
• How much can be charged?
• Can the site/project occupy enough people to make the business model work?

Cost Model
• How much to invest?
• Amount of experience components and restaurants, retail, toilets etc required?
Market Model
• What is the quality/value of the experience ?
• How many visitors  will come, benchmarked against other attractions (market penetration)?