Woburn Safari Park

“Vision’s modelling of the Safari Park gave us a completely new insight into the business and peeled away more “layers of the onion” than I knew existed. We have used the results to shape our capital expenditure strategy, our marketing plans and our pricing policies. In short it has had a fundamental and extremely positive impact upon the business.” Woburn Safari Park

The Brief

Woburn Safari Park is a drive-through wild animal park, set in over 300 acres of beautiful Bedfordshire parkland. Vision XS  was asked to model the visitor experience at Woburn and provide an evidence base for the management team to work out their strategy.

The Task

Vision XS undertook a complex visitor experience through its visitor experience model X-MOD and consequently worked with the management to develop a 5 Year development strategy.

The Results

The visitor experience model  showed that the admission price was much cheaper than the value of experience offered, poor visitor flow, room for more interactive exhibits and lack of capacity in the main catering area. Through the 5 Year strategy we have made recommendations to improve experience,  rethink pricing strategy and improve  operations.

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