How do I improve my visitors’ journey?

The Visitor Journey Mapping can be used both as a framework for developing a whole destination or business, or can be used as the basis of customer contact, marketing, accessibility and training programmes for staff.

The Visitor Journey Mapping is a new approach to developing a visitor experience that is centred entirely on the leisure needs of your visitors. The map follows the visitor through a sequence of events and emotions (touchpoints) from the moment he arrives on site to the return journey and beyond.

Visitor experience mapping can help owners,   designers and developers to take a good experience and make it great. Experience mapping captures specific elements of a guest’s interactions with an attraction or brand, based on the idea that this experience includes a wide variety of channels, touch points, and connections.

For visitor attraction businesses and organizations, of which many are seasonal, customer satisfaction is key to ensure repeat business. Vision XS has helped over 200+ visitor led businesses to improve the service they offer their customers but for any business we work with, the first step in improving the experience is visitor journey awareness.