How do I give my visitors a better experience?

As new technology and access to information are driving standards higher, “time poor” visitors have more choices and more money to spend on their leisure. So getting the visitor experience right is vital. Where do we start?

Quality visitor experiences attract a higher yield for your business and attract more visitors though your gates. At Vision XS we think a health check of your visitor experience should be done through the eye of your visitor. This is why we are using psychographic research to model the visitor experience you are providing against what the visitor wants and then highlight the gaps.

We see the EXPERIENCE as a combination of: place, infrastructure, services and interpretation. We work with you to address shortfalls and identify new experiences that fit with your brand, then use the predictive modelling software X-MOD to analyse the impact of the changes. In this way you can make an informed decision and have the visitor experience in your hands.