How is my attraction performing?

Do you know how your visitor attraction is performing? Do you know whether your attractions offers good value for money & are guests going away satisfied or wanting to come back?

Vision XS believe that the heart of the visitor attraction solution revolves around ensuring that the experience value of the attraction is equal to the ticket price. Too high a ratio means that more experience is being offered than what is being paid for, which leaves an attraction’s cashflow in dilemma. Equally if the ratio is too low, the guests will feel cheated and as a result are less likely to return.

Performance isn’t just measured by visitor experience value but instead it takes into account profitability, sustainability, staff satisfaction and re-investment capabilities. Performance on a whole may be good but how is your peak day performance? Often it takes for a neutral body to review performance to be able to give a true indication of current operational peaks and troughs.

Vision XS have developed complex tools to enable them to find answers to all of these questions and more and are therefore well prepared for providing these solutions.


Essex County Council Country Parks

VisionXS created an overall business strategy and optimisation plan for all 9 of the country parks run by Essex County Council and helped to identify commercial opportunities to enhance income generation and improve access and experience for the local communities.

GreenWood Forest Park

Stephen Bristow at GreenWood Forest Park. "Vision has provided an excellent analysis of our activities over the last few years and many of the recommendations have been implemented. The results have been impressive - the increased visitor numbers have generated more income which has put the park on a sounder financial footing, enabling us to continue with our investment programme."

Portmeirion Village

A five year plan was developed involving improving the flow around the Village, building a new visitor reception and adding new experiences such as the educational guided tour and the woodland train ride. The Village is currently in year 5 of the plan and starting to reap the rewards of having all the staff committed to a plan they were involved in creating.

Historic Scotland

VisionXS advised Historic Scotland on two of their flagship properties in order to assess the impact of proposed new major projects.The focus of our work was to assess the existing visitor experience, the market potential and to produce an experience development road map for the next 3 years that will increase the psychological appeal for the local and international market.