Visitor Tracking Study

Understanding visitors’ expectations alongside how they move around the attraction are key to customer satisfaction and, ultimately growing your business.

It is essential for a successful attraction to know how visitors spend time on site. Did you know that first-time visitors and repeat visitors spend different amounts of time at the same attractions, and they visit different areas during different times of the day? A tracking study would empower you with this type of actionable insight.

The Visitor Tracking Model, created and used by Vision XS, uses real visitor experience data to help attraction operators understand how visitors spend their time whilst at the attraction, with the aim of informing future operational and investment decisions.

The outputs of the Model include a visitor journey intensity graph, time use pie chart and analysis of visitor experience KPI’s including experience per hour, repeatability, and recommendations for the future. Visitor journeys can be plotted onto a plan of the site to give graphic representation of the movement patterns of typical visitors.