Visitor Tracking Study

Taking the time to understand as much as you can about what your customers’ goals are, along with how they already move through your site, can go a long way towards keeping them happy… and growing your business.

Do you know how the visitors spend time at your attraction? Did you know that first-timers and repeaters spend different amounts of time at the same attractions and visit during different times of the day? First-time visitors also tend to make one long, extended day trip, while repeaters tend to make a number of shorter incursions, returning to the attractions during the day. Research shows that first-timers tend to travel more quickly throughout the site in the attempt to see it all, while repeat visitors tend to confine their actions to a smaller number of locations they like or they’ve missed on previous trips. Vision XS uses a Visitor Tracking Model that helps visitor attraction operators to understand how visitors spend their time whilst in their current attraction with the aim of informing future operational and investment decisions with real visitor experience data. Outputs include a visitor journey intensity graph, time use pie chart and analysis of visitor experience KPI’s including experience per hour, repeatability and our recommendations. Visitor journeys can be plotted onto a plan of the site to give graphic representation of the movement patterns of typical visitors.