Visitor Experience Modelling

Vision XS provides a unique, scientific approach to evaluating and shaping the visitor experience using a visitor experience modelling software: X-MOD, social psychologists with knowledge of trends and demographics and experts with years of experience in the science behind visitor experience.

This joined-up approach to the analysis of visitor attractions offers a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the visitor experience on offer, along with analytical evidence to define, direct, and support a dynamic solution.

Through our unique visitor experience model we measure key parameters of visitor enjoyment, such as: value for money, quality of the experience, psychological appeal for key markets and learning opportunities, which give an overall experience value. Vision XS have the tools and data to benchmark the attraction against similar attractions and other local, regional & national attractions. 


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GreenWood Forest Park

Stephen Bristow at GreenWood Forest Park. "Vision has provided an excellent analysis of our activities over the last few years and many of the recommendations have been implemented. The results have been impressive - the increased visitor numbers have generated more income which has put the park on a sounder financial footing, enabling us to continue with our investment programme."

National Aquarium Baltimore

The Aquarium had specific challenges regarding the layout of the attraction and its visitor flow. Before investing in development they wanted to understand the current visitor experience and whether new exhibits would help them deliver their overall mission. Vision XS has modelled the existing visitor experience and recommended changes to be implemented over then next few years.

Portmeirion Village

A five year plan was developed involving improving the flow around the Village, building a new visitor reception and adding new experiences such as the educational guided tour and the woodland train ride. The Village is currently in year 5 of the plan and starting to reap the rewards of having all the staff committed to a plan they were involved in creating.

Woburn Safari Park

“Vision’s modelling of the Safari Park gave us a completely new insight into the business and peeled away more “layers of the onion” than I knew existed. We have used the results to shape our capital expenditure strategy, our marketing plans and our pricing policies. In short it has had a fundamental and extremely positive impact upon the business.” Woburn Safari Park