Market Model

Based on our ability to link the market attendance to the experience quality and value for money, our Market Analysis Model is a solid foundation to determine if your idea is viable.

Vision XS employs several techniques for predicting annual attendance or footfall that also include the widely used market penetration method. Our ability to link the market attendance to the experience quality/quantity and value for money offered to its customers, is again completely unique. Understanding the investment per new customer and its implication in capital cost and space planning within a master plan are key aspects in understanding the question: “will this project work?”

We base our analysis and findings on our many years of working with attendance-driven leisure facilities. We also base our findings on actual operations from similar type projects in similar markets, and on valid industry research and trends. This gives a solid foundation upon which to make projections.


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National Trust

VisionXS set up an investment/market assessment tool for all 180+ paid National Trust Properties which forms the basis for their investment decisions.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

The feasibility study and business plan produced by Vision XS was used to support a successful ($5bn+) funding application and we're looking forward to its opening in 2016.

Essex County Council Country Parks

VisionXS created an overall business strategy and optimisation plan for all 9 of the country parks run by Essex County Council and helped to identify commercial opportunities to enhance income generation and improve access and experience for the local communities.