FIFA 2010 – Soccer City Johannesburg

Working with the architect, VRP modelled the visitor experience to identify the key components for a memorable experience and also the shortfalls in amenities provision (restrooms, catering, and retail). Learning from the “Experience Economy” enabled the stadium to become an entertainment destination that caters to a wide spectrum of fans and provide flexible opportunities for sport, recreation, culture, arts and education.

The Brief

In 2010, the FIFA World Cup came to Africa for the first time. The intense global attention drawn by the competition would, ultimately, focus on Soccer City as the host venue for the final. The challenge for Vision XS was to identify the elements of a world class experience for visitors, spectators and fans who visit the complex for the World Cup

Key Tasks

Working with the architect, Vision modelled the visitor experience to identify the key components for a memorable experience as well as the shortfalls in amenity provision (restrooms, catering, and retail). We also performed a psychographic analysis of key market segments  and made recommendations to create a fun zone that provided flexible opportunities for  sport and art activities during the event.

The Results

The project successfully transformed the original stadium into a new national stadium that all of  South Africa can be proud of. Building on its acclaimed hosting of World Cup matches, the stadium has now a successful legacy event programme that continues to add an extra dimension to the already vibrant city of Johannesburg.